3 in 1 Quick Charging Docking Station

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Basic description:

This product uses WPC-Qi1.2 and Apple Watch iWatch protocol wireless charging standard, suitable for mobile phone, digital, communication, GPRS, automotive, furniture, fire, waterproof and other products to achieve wireless charging. For battery wireless charging or wireless power. Support for new Apple phone and Samsung mobile phone wireless charger specifications. Apple can support fast charging 7.5W! Samsung can support 10W fast charging! Also supports Apple Watch 4 Apple Watch three generations, two generations of standards, compatible with the first generation.

二:Transmitter output performance: 

Support for Apple and Samsung wireless charge, such as the need to experience fast charge Apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W function, please connect QC2.0 and QC3.0 chargers attached QC standard protocol. Non-fast charge phone work in QI 5W mode.    

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